Supercharge your organic traffic growth  

We run thousands of tests for our customers in the travel, e-commerce, listings, care, and retail sectors to determine the impact of each SEO change. We've seen many winners and losers, and we have now collated the SEO A/B tests that resulted in 10%+ traffic growth. 

Here are the 10 SEO test ideas that delivered 10% more organic traffic for our customers. Plus, an 11th SEO test idea that resulted in 50% organic traffic uplift.  

Authored and curated by our COO, Craig Bradford, this shareable PDF will be a handy reference tool to help you drive more organic growth to your site.

Download this shareable PDF file now and start applying these to your SEO A/B testing program. 


What's in this PDF swipe file


10 SEO test ideas that drove over 10% organic traffic 

You'll find the mock up of each SEO change, learn the insights for each SEO A/B test from our COO, Craig Bradford, and the hyperlink back to the original article published for each case study.  


Plus, an 11th SEO test idea that delivered 50% organic traffic growth

A bonus SEO test idea that was a surprise result and a huge traffic uplift of 50%. 

Add these test ideas into your SEO A/B testing program

Here are the SEO A/B tests that delivered more than 10% organic traffic uplift. Download this shareable pdf so you can also start applying these SEO test ideas to drive organic traffic to your site. *Always test first before deploying. 

10 SEO AB tests that delivered over 10% more traffic CopyOption 2

Download this shareable PDF