7+ SEO Test Ideas to Grow Your Organic Traffic

Live Webinar
21 September 2023 
6pm BST | 1pm ET | 10am PT

In this live webinar, we will delve into the strategies to boost your organic traffic with these SEO test ideas. 

Featuring the sites of three of the largest book retailers in the US and the UK:

You'll learn the following


SEO testing insights 

From writing your hypothesis to selecting variant pages to test. Plus, a default to deploy philosophy based on 'it's business, not science'. 


What Google said

Ideas that address Google's guidance on content, meta data, breadcrumbs, and structured data, including internal linking strategies. 


Bonus materials

Further test ideas for store pages and technical SEO. Plus, real examples from SearchPilot's bi-weekly SEO test case studies. 

SearchPilot masterclass

In this webinar, we will explore 7+ SEO test ideas based on the websites of three of the largest booksellers in the US and UK. We will take a look at the sites of Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, and WHSmith for examples and discover ways on how you can enhance your website’s visibility in a ‘crowded’ market.

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