Optimizing Search:

Designing An Effective SEO Experimentation Program For Greater ROI 

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In 2-part webinar series, you'll learn the practical How-To's and tips on how to develop strong hypotheses for your SEO A/B experimentation program, how to analyze test results and create actionable plans to feed back into your experimentation program and drive growth. 

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You'll learn


What makes a good experimentation program

We'll review what 'good' looks like, tying it back to the three things you can control: quantity of tests, quality of hypotheses, and quality of test analysis. 


Creating strong hypotheses to validate the impact of your SEO changes

We'll share the 3 levers for formulating strong hypotheses to drive meaningful insights. 


Analysing test results to get insights and plan for improvements

We'll also unpack how to analyze your SEO A/B test results, extracting insights, and create actionable plans to enhance your experimentation program and achieve greater ROI. 

SearchPilot masterclass

Watch the replays of our 2-part webinar series on Optimizing Search: Designing an effective SEO experimentation program for greater ROI. Hosted by one of our most senior SEO Testing Consultant, Sam Nemzer.

He also shared insights from his vast experience in SEO and SEO A/B testing in this webinar series; including templates and tools to help you set up an effective SEO experimentation program. Sam leads a team of SEO testing consultants and works with large ecommerce sites, job sites, and travel sites to achieve ROI from their SEO A/B experimentation program.  

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