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Partnering with SearchPilot for SEO testing has been a transformative experience. Their blend of expertise in SEO and data science has not only resulted in more traffic but has also demystified the complexities of organic search making us smarter with every test. I can confidently say that the Search Pilot team is a powerhouse in the SEO domain, effectively combining their robust technical skills with a deep understanding of the ever-evolving search space.
Adam Moro_profile photo
Adam Moro
Digital Marketing Engineer, KinderCare
We knew SEO testing would be valuable before we started, but we didn't start to learn which of our assumptions gave us the positive gains we were looking for until we partnered with SeachPilot and used their platform.
Gina Burke
Gina Burke
Manager, Strategic Growth & Optimization, Trusted Media Brands, Inc.
SearchPilot has created amazing value for us since we partnered with them. Not only have we got actual, trustworthy results, but have hugely benefited from not just being left alone with the tool! Over the years, I’ve used many tools and services, and SearchPilot’s exemplary support is first-class and feels like a true partnership.
Johann Godey
Johann Godey
Director, Vistaprint

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Using rulesets within SearchPilot to make rapid page changes

A powerful platform

With SearchPilot, you can make rules-based changes to many pages at once across large site sections.

Perfect for split testing on large sites. Or uploading any business-critical information you need.

Multiple testing options available within SearchPilot

Test design and build

We help you come up with tests tailored to your site.

We support complex, full-funnel, and multi-domain tests. And we can help you build, QA, and execute them too.

A graph showing actual vs forecasted sessions using the SearchPilot app

Analysis and impact

Our proprietary neural network algorithm accounts for variations like seasonality and algorithm updates.

That means it can pick up even small changes in traffic, quickly.

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