SEO A/B testing: The secret
to increasing your organic
search traffic 


Up to 80% of SEO-driven site changes have no impact or even decrease organic traffic, and most businesses have no way of measuring what works. This leads to them struggling to know what to focus on or how to prioritize efforts.

Learn how you can build a more data-driven and scalable SEO strategy with SEO A/B testing so you can keep pace with competition, increase your confidence in making riskier/larger website changes, and work more efficiently with your engineering team.

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You'll learn


Benefits beyond growing your traffic

SEO A/B testing helps you measure and achieve traffic uplifts, stay ahead of the competition, and collaborate better internally.


Deploy your changes with confidence

Utilize data and analytics to make informed decisions and cut through the noise of seasonality, Google updates, and other site changes.


SEO A/B testing in practice 

See how SEO A/B testing works based on examples from real websites for different sectors: travel, retail/ecommerce, and recruitment. 

Unlock organic growth with SEO A/B testing

Many marketing teams are flying blind, making changes to their websites without having any way to measure their impact. Insignificant changes waste time and cost money. Significant changes that provide impact or cause losses then go under the radar. 

This free whitepaper from SearchPilot outlines how SEO A/B testing can give you a disciplined and measured approach to avoiding potential losses and boosting your website results.

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