SEO A/B Testing: Realizing the value of a good experimentation program


Have you ever wondered how to run the best SEO A/B tests to prove the results from your SEO changes? Or if you are running enough SEO A/B tests to validate the impact of your SEO changes and uncover valuable insights to drive your strategies forward? Then this whitepaper will give you the tips, tools, and strategies to design an effective SEO experimentation program geared for growth. 


What is included?


What makes a good experimentation program

This includes the quantity of tests, the quality of your hypothesis, and the insights you can extract from each test result. We also cover what's a good win rate, having run thousands of SEO A/B experiments for our customers. 


How to craft strong and advanced hypotheses 

A key part of an experimentation program is how to derive meaningful insights from the results, and to do that, you need to start with strong hypotheses. This includes but is not limited to hypotheses based on fundamental SEO principles, market data, and past test results.   


What reporting looks like

A robust experimentation program gives you a ton of data—how you analyze and extract actionable insights is going to be essential to delivering the ROI your budget holder is expecting and for your SEO work to contribute to the organization's goals. 

A structured and consistent approach to your SEO testing

Learn how to build a strong experimentation program, covering goal-setting, hypothesis formulation, analysis, and reporting in this whitepaper. Whether you're new to SEO A/B testing or want to boost your strategies, this series offers actionable insights to drive tangible results.

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Get ready to start designing your SEO experimentation program and achieve results.