Jobs at SearchPilot

SearchPilot is a bootstrapped and growing startup currently made up of 23 people in the UK and US. We spun out of an agency called Distilled in early 2020, with the whole software team becoming part of the new independent company. At Distilled, the product was called DistilledODN.

Before applying, we’d encourage you to read more about our mission and vision and our values to see if SearchPilot sounds like the kind of place you’d like to work.

Current vacancies


We have an exciting new role for a Senior Professional Services Consultant. If you enjoy leading teams and managing strategic accounts and want to have a strategic impact, then click the link to read more about the job description and send in your application.


Take a look at our new open role in the UK. If you are an experienced SEO Consultant looking to work directly with large websites and help them prove the value of SEO with data-driven insights, then check out a new role within our Professional Services Team. We're looking for someone to join the team either as an SEO Testing consultant or a Senior SEO Testing Consultant.

Diversity and Inclusion at SearchPilot

At SearchPilot we are passionate about our team, and we want that to be more than just words. We want to continue to build a team of people who can thrive and succeed, as well as feel valued and welcomed, at all levels.

As part of that goal, we are trying hard to build a diverse team, as we believe diversity is a necessary component to building the strongest possible company. This is important enough to be one of our core values. One of the steps we have taken is to commit to publishing an annual report detailing our progress and our efforts. You can read the first three reports here:

Hiring into teams or levels of seniority lacking in diversity

For some roles, we will choose at the outset not to make a decision until we have had a diverse enough group of candidates reaching the final round of interviews for the position (a variation on the Rooney rule).

We anticipate and understand that this may mean we have to tell some promising candidates that they will need to wait to hear our decision, and that this may mean some of those candidates will not wait for us, and may accept positions elsewhere. We will do our best to reduce and avoid such delays wherever we can by, for example, ensuring as diverse a candidate pool as possible from the outset.


In addition, it’s important to us to state that SearchPilot does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, marital status, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, or any other characteristic irrelevant to an individual’s ability to fulfill the relevant role. We are committed not only to meeting our legal obligations in this area, but also to the positive promotion of diversity in our teams.

is carbon neutral

SearchPilot is carbon neutral. We have bought high quality permanent carbon removal for our entire emissions throughout our supply chain starting with the financial year 2020-2021. By combining that with efforts to reduce and limit our carbon use, we are doing our part to support the global path to carbon net zero.

An employee sitting down on their laptop next to a Net Zero badge