Boost your traffic, boost your candidate pool

The thrill of recruitment lies in its speed and its unpredictability. But that can be a challenge for job sites.

You have to optimize temporary job listings fast. And as economic and political headlines shift, finding effective strategies to adapt category pages is critical.

SearchPilot lets you test fast and often, so you get answers to what works now.

Using SearchPilot for jobs websites

Keep clients
and candidates happy

Jobs sites also face the push-pull of hiring companies making demands that don’t always match the reality of what works to boost traffic.

SearchPilot provides statistically significant results, meaning you can ensure every change is a provable win-win for everyone.

SEO A/B testing for jobs sites

SearchPilot gives your SEO teams answers specific to your site.

Updating meta descriptions with SearchPilot

Meta descriptions

How consistently can you get Google to pick up your meta descriptions?

And do changes have a significant impact if they’re only sometimes picked up by Google?

What about salary information - should that be in there?

Updating title tags with SearchPilot to improve organic Google search rankings

Title tags

Can you boost traffic with bold claims? For example, are you offering ‘the best’ engineering jobs in the North West?

What impact does adding the month and year to boost freshness in search listings make?

Updating on-page content with SearchPilot

On-page content

How much influence do H2s have on your organic traffic?

What about your category pages - is it worth the effort of creating unique content for each one?

And is detailed content better inside or outside tabs?

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