Pricing for your SEO needs

SearchPilot's mission is to prove the value of SEO for the world's biggest websites by empowering you to make agile changes and test their impact.

How we help you do that is up to you.

We offer a range of platform and professional support packages to suit your in-house resource, project ambitions, and technical demands.

Several pricing cards for different levels of SEO application

Pricing plans for our platform

Specific pricing depends on a range of factors, including site traffic, page weight, and page views per session. Talk to our team to get indicative prices for your needs.



Best for teams that want to run their own SEO A/B tests.

You also benefit from the meta-CMS capabilities to make changes to your site.




Designed for data-driven teams that want to run lots of tests and get our professional services team to help build them.


Everything you get in the Essential plan plus:

  • Javascript-capable testing (server side + client side)
  • US or EU-only deployment options
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Ideal for large teams that need enterprise-level features and integrations.

This is also for teams looking to test SEO and CRO together.


Everything you get in the Essential and Advanced plans plus:

  • Full-funnel testing, combining SEO and CRO testing
  • Compound testing across multiple domains - you will require a license per domain
  • Adobe Analytics integration
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) support
  • Custom integrations

Pricing plans for our professional services



Every SearchPilot customer gets onboarding, training, user guides and documentation, and email customer support by default.

This core support works best for highly-experienced SEO teams with at least one technical SEO team member to run their testing program.



For teams that want to benefit from the SearchPilot team’s extensive SEO experience.

You get a dedicated consultant who gives you:

  • A call every two weeks
  • Help planning test ideas
  • QA support on your test builds before launch
  • Ideas to refine your next steps
  • Test results distilled into a one-page PDF
  • Support via a dedicated Slack channel


Ideal for teams that want SearchPilot to fully project manage and run their testing program.

We design, build, QA, and analyze tests aligned with your project goals.

Your dedicated consultant delivers:

  • A weekly call
  • End-to-end project management, including getting your sign-off on tests before launch
  • New test ideas
  • Test build and QA support
  • Custom reporting, including the test hypothesis and outlier analysis.
  • Support via a dedicated Slack channel

Our approach to working with you


We ensure our platform will help you

SearchPilot is designed to support large websites because that’s where our testing approach is most effective, generates statistically significant results, and can deliver the most value.

So, we ensure your site will benefit before we go any further. That means it has to have:

  • At least one site section of thousands (or more) pages with the same template
  • More than 30,000 organic sessions per month to the pages in this section

We put together a package that’s right for you

In practice, we help SEO teams accelerate their SEO program, get more things done, and work better with engineering teams and senior management.

So we talk to you.

We get to understand your team's expertise, SEO ambitions, and tech stack.

And then, we create a software and support package designed to deliver your desired outcomes.


We help you answer every stakeholder’s questions

We know adopting a platform like SearchPilot is a big decision.

Engineering rightly wants to ensure your tech stack remains secure and optimized.

Your data analysts want to ensure our approach is robust and integrates with your existing platforms.

And senior stakeholders need to know that SearchPilot will deliver attributable dollar and cents ROI.

We can speak to every need and help you craft a compelling business case.

Let’s talk

Tell us your testing program needs and we’ll walk you through:


What SearchPilot can do


How your site specifics influence cost


An indicative price for optimizing your SEO efforts with SearchPilot


Can’t find the answers you need? Drop us a line at

How are contracts structured?

SearchPilot contracts are typically annual, with prepayment, with fixed software and professional services elements (with flexibility to adjust the latter if needed during the course of working together).

Will SearchPilot work with our infrastructure?

Almost certainly, yes. You can dig into our engineering details here. We work with a wide range of hosting environments, content management systems, front-end technologies, and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) across our customer base. Our engineering team works closely with new and prospective customer infrastructure teams to enable pre-deployment testing and smooth deploys.

Will SearchPilot affect our website performance?

Our adaptation engine typically processes and adapts pages in less than five milliseconds, typically adding under 25 milliseconds in total latency. Our infrastructure also includes servers in multiple regions in the US, Europe, and Asia to ensure minimal distance to your origin servers and users. Users are generally unable to detect any impact on website performance from having SearchPilot turned on. Dig deeper into our engineering details here.

Can you help design and build tests?

Yes. While we train all our customers on the use of the platform, and you get your own logins to be able to deploy your own changes and tests, our professional services team can help with ideation, design, build and analysis of tests.