Get SEO results worth bragging about

Successful SEO impacts the bottom line. But proving its value is hard.

Empower your SEO team to make tangible website improvements specific to your industry. And demonstrate attributable dollar and cents ROI.

How? By doing SEO differently, with SearchPilot.

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Design and execute meaningful SEO tests quickly

Built for the world’s biggest websites, SearchPilot lets you run rapid SEO A/B tests, full-funnel tests, and compound multi-domain tests.

Not only does this help you discover more winning changes; it also ensures you never deploy losers.

Example tests being done on pages via the SearchPilot app

SEO done differently

Prove what works and what doesn’t. And start making a measurable difference to your site.

SearchPilot true SEO testing

True SEO testing

We don’t split users, we split pages. Each page has one version, one page to crawl, one robust result.

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Meaningful data

Our algorithms split your pages into comparable buckets, ensuring accurate results, even for small uplifts.

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Professional services

You get expert SEO support to help you design tests, use the platform, and make the most of the results.

How it works: launching the tests

No engineering resource required.

SearchPilot integrates with your existing CDN setup, applying tests directly to your HTML as it’s served to users.

This means you can launch tests without any need to update the source code of your website.

We’re platform agnostic. So, no matter your website platform, CMS, CDN, or server technology, SearchPilot can (and probably has) integrated with them.

Integrating SearchPilot into your tech stack

Built for mission-critical websites

Our platform is engineered to be fast, robust, resilient, and secure.


Imperceptible impact on load speed

Our optimization delivery network typically processes and adapts pages in less than 25 milliseconds.


Built to handle (very) high traffic volumes

We use a high availability infrastructure, across 8 global data centers in AWS, supporting some of the world’s highest-traffic websites.


Robust access management

Mandatory 2-factor authentication, multiple permission levels, and single sign-on capable.


Enterprise-ready security standards

SearchPilot is ISO27001, PCI DSS, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant. We don’t store or cache your traffic, so all PII or payment data remains fully secure.

Powerful, reliable, fast results

Integrating with your analytics platform, our proprietary neural network algorithm analyzes organic search traffic to your test pages vs the control group.

We account for all external influences such as seasonality, competitor activity, and search engine algorithm updates.

And since our algorithm is trained on huge amounts of data over thousands of websites, it’s incredibly sensitive to even small uplifts or dips in traffic.

Customer dashboard statistics within the SearchPilot app

Act faster, implement smarter

Using rulesets within SearchPilot to make rapid page changes

Need rapid page changes?
You are in control

SearchPilot’s meta-CMS lets you publish successful SEO changes, or any other updates like opening hours or legal disclaimers, immediately. No engineering resource required.

And for changes the engineering team should implement, SearchPilot’s test results give you the perfect powerful business case.

Multiple testing options available within SearchPilot

Traffic or conversion rates?
Optimize for both

SearchPilot can run full-funnel tests so you can work with product teams.

SearchPilot runs full-funnel tests meaning once the SEO test result reaches statistical significance, the platform pivots to a CRO experiment.

So, you can test changes and see the impact on traffic and conversion. And product teams can roll out their latest features and see its impact on organic search traffic.

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