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If you're new here, you might want to read more about how SEO A/B testing works in general before diving into the industry-specific advice below.

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SEO Split Testing for eCommerce Websites

In ecommerce, with the direct connection between visibility and revenue, you can outstrip your competitors by accurately measuring the scale of benefit available from different changes, testing the impact on search visibility and conversion rates, and rolling out winning changes immediately.
Image source: Lucrezia Carnelos

SEO Split Testing for Jobs Websites

Jobs sites have some unique SEO challenges in the fact that their individual job listings are the pages most likely to get links, but are transient, while their job category pages are typically very sparse and search-results-like. As a result, jobs sites are particularly well-placed to benefit from SEO A/B testing.
Image source: Mads Eneqvist

SEO Split Testing for Local Landing Pages

Local listings sites can often struggle to make changes in an agile way, and at scale. They are also often the perfect candidates for SEO A/B testing, as they have a large number of templated pages.
Image source: Timo Wielink

SEO Testing Case Studies

One of the best things about working in this area is the range and depth of insights we get access to as a result of all the tests our customers are running. Even better, we get to write them up and share them with you.

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