SearchPilot’s Mission

At SearchPilot, we are on a mission to prove the value of SEO for the world’s biggest websites by empowering them to make agile changes and test their impact.

Our product enables companies to make any change they need to, to test and prove the SEO impact of their changes with SEO A/B testing, and to measure the impact on users and conversion rate at the same time with full funnel testing.

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We set out to build the SearchPilot platform because over many years of consulting experience, we repeatedly found that the biggest SEO problems faced by large websites were a) getting done the things they knew they needed to do and b) measuring and proving the value of on-site SEO changes. You can read more about how the platform works here.

The SearchPilot platform is deployed on a wide range of large websites across many industries and verticals. This lets us stay at the forefront of discovering what works and what doesn’t in SEO for large websites. To stay up to date with the latest in our research, subscribe to our email list to get two case studies per month from the cutting edge of SEO.


With deep expertise in SEO from our years spent running the SEO consulting business Distilled (see SearchPilot’s history), formiddable engineering experience to build a highly performant and robust platform, and fundamental understanding of the statistical and mathematical approaches underpinning the analysis of testing, the SearchPilot team is uniquely positioned to achieve our mission.

It’s been difficult to take a team photo recently, so the best we can do is a holiday party video call screenshot:

You can meet the whole team here.

Our approach to staffing accounts is a differentiator for SearchPilot - every enterprise account gets support from our professional services team whose SEO consulting experience helps them ideate, design and build tests, and support the detailed analysis and decision-making needed to win in highly competitive digital markets.

If you’d like to join the SearchPilot team, check out our jobs page where you can find our current open positions as well as more information about our benefits and culture. In particular, we are working hard to make SearchPilot a welcoming and inclusive place, and to build the diversity we know we need in order to build the strongest possible team. We have some way to go, but we have committed to releasing an annual report detailing how we are getting on. You can read the first three reports here:


In order to build a high-performing environment that is also a great place to work, we are very intentional about communicating and living by our values which are built around three pillars:

  1. Work is a large part of our lives so we need to enjoy the journey
  2. We all want to be great at what we do and to be surrounded by a strong team
  3. We value ownership and getting results for our customers

They are baked into all our processes and form a deliberate part of our hiring, promotion and growth plans. You can read about our values in detail here.

Vision and Purpose

We believe strongly in the power of companies like ours to make a positive difference in the world, and we have a vision of our success at SearchPilot enabling us to create great jobs for people from diverse backgrounds by building a high performing technology business.

By achieving our mission and fulfilling our vision, we hope not only to live our own values, create great opportunities within SearchPilot, and make them available to a diverse group, but also to learn and share the best ways to create these opportunities, to lead, and to encourage others to follow.

We talk about SearchPilot’s purpose being the combination of our mission and vision - what our business does, and for whom, and the wider impact we want to have on society. You can read more about the work we did to define our mission on our blog.

SearchPilot is carbon neutral

SearchPilot is carbon neutral

SearchPilot is carbon neutral. We have bought high quality permanent carbon removal for our entire emissions throughout our supply chain starting with the financial year 2020-2021. By combining that with efforts to reduce and limit our carbon use, we are doing our part to support the global path to carbon net zero.


SearchPilot spun out of the SEO consultancy Distilled in early 2020 as an independent company majority owned by the original founders of Distilled.

The SearchPilot platform began life in 2015 as an R&D project at Distilled and was initially known as the Distilled Optimisation Delivery Network (ODN).

In the years before we spun out as an independent company, it grew from an R&D project into a business unit with its own dedicated team and P&L within Distilled. That team, with 15+ years of SEO and digital marketing experience all became part of SearchPilot. Now, with a presence in London, New York, and Seattle, we work with customers around the world.


SearchPilot is now carbon neutral and on a path to net zero: read more

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