SearchPilot is an Optimization Delivery Network (ODN) that allows you to make changes to your web pages and test them for their SEO impact. Find out more about the benefits of SEO split testing here.

Here’s how it works:

1. Deploy the SearchPilot ODN in front of your website

The SearchPilot platform securely intercepts all requests and responses as they pass to and from the origin server. This allows us to make changes to HTML files as they pass through, including SEO optimisations.

2. Use the CMS interface make a change to a group of similar pages

Assisted by SearchPilot’s experienced professional services team, you can make changes to pages across a site section, which consists of pages that share a template. This is then ready to go live on your website.

3. The platform then makes that change to half of those pages on your website.

Using a bucketing method that is designed to produce the most reliable split tests, we split the site section into a control and variant group, and the change is applied to the variant pages. At this point we also have the option to run a full funnel test to measure the CRO and SEO impact simultaneously.

4. The SearchPilot ODN analyzes organic search traffic to the test pages and shows how they perform against the control group.

This is done using SearchPilot’s proprietary neural network model, which allows us to account for any and all external influences such as seasonality, competitor activity and algorithm updates.

5. The SearchPilot ODN allows you to immediately make a change across the entire site.

As well as changes that have been shown to be effective through split tests, the SearchPilot platform can be used as a meta-CMS to roll out any changes that may not be possible otherwise due to CMS constraints.


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