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SearchPilot is best known for SEO A/B testing and more recently full-funnel testing, but many of our enterprise clients who have restrictions on making agile changes to their websites, find the ability of the platform to function as a meta-CMS just as valuable.

This functionality exists because SearchPilot is platform independent, sitting between your website servers and website visitors, similar to a Content Delivery Network (CDN). You can learn more about how it works here.

Whether it’s implementing SEO recommendations, adding business-critical content to pages, or being able to update your site with the latest information, the meta-CMS feature of the platform allows us to make most any change in the HTML of your site on-the-fly, bypassing development queues and the limitations of your CMS.

Teams in this situation sometimes turn to client-side solutions such as tag managers. SearchPilot’s server-side approach is preferable because changes made through the platform happen seamlessly, with minimal (generally <15ms) impact on page speed, and avoiding the layout shift that JavaScript-based solutions are prone to. It also means that we are directly changing the HTML of the page, which means search engines don’t have to render JavaScript to crawl crucial content.

Here is a selection of the many changes we have implemented for clients over the years:

  • Adding legal disclaimers on product pages
  • Adjusting holiday opening hours for physical locations
  • Adding notices to websites about policies during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 301 redirects
  • Updating canonical tags
  • Noindexing millions of pages that had unintentionally been indexed

These examples are only a selection of the types of fixes SearchPilot can employ for your website; there are many more.

If you work on a website that has a difficult time being able to make these kinds of changes (you’re not the only one), then get in touch to get a free demo of our platform in action on your website.


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