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BrightonSEO (San Diego) 2023 - SEO in Turbulent Times

Posted November 21, 2023 by Will Critchlow

In today's challenging market, SEO is under more pressure than ever to deliver results. With inflation, layoffs, and budget cuts hitting businesses hard, it's more important than ever to demonstrate the value of your SEO efforts.

At the inaugural BrightonSEO conference in San Diego this month, I share actionable tips and strategies for optimizing your SEO efforts and proving your work's value, even when resources are limited.

Drawing from my 15 years' extensive experience and insights from dozens of conversations with marketing leaders, SEO specialists, and senior executives, I outline the skills you need to:

  • Keep your CFO happy
  • Build a business case for your SEO budget
  • Deliver tangible results, even under pressure

Whether you're the head of your SEO and marketing team or an experienced SEO professional, this presentation is packed with valuable insights and practical strategies that you can apply to your own work.

Here is that presentation:

You can watch a similar talk that I did with Search Engine Journal, click here to view the recording.  


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