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A lot of our writing is based on lessons learned running SEO tests. If you're new here, you might want to read more about how SEO A/B testing works before you get started.

We also publish a lot of SEO A/B testing case studies that you can opt to receive by email every other week if you wish.

How we did an emergency HTTPS migration using SearchPilot to avoid Chrome security warnings [case study]

When Chrome 68 rolled out and highlighted any site not yet on HTTPS as insecure, it made it incredibly urgent for sites that had been putting off their migrations to get them done. One of our customers needed help to achieve this, and we used SearchPilot to remove the final blockers preventing their team getting this critical change live.

Will Critchlow

6 min read

New SearchPilot features including SEO friendly URLs for enterprise platform

We can now 1. Move pages individually or en masse (including redirecting the old pages) 2. Move sub-domain content into sub-folders and 3. Enable easy SEO A/B testing of full page redesigns.

Will Critchlow

7 min read

Proposing Better Ways to Think about Internal Linking

Internal link changes are hard to specify, difficult to evaluate, and most of our ways of thinking about them suffer from a lack of data to support them. In this post, I propose some news to think about internal linking.

Will Critchlow

16 min read

The Hierarchy of Evidence for Digital Marketing Testing

There is a time and place for hunches and best practice, but they are not at the top of the hierarchy of evidence in digital marketing. In this post, Sam Nemzer builds on his prior experience in clinical science to explore the different ways we can gather persuasive evidence and which methodologies are at the top of that hierarchy.

Sam Nemzer

7 min read

Early Results from Split Testing JavaScript for SEO

Despite the claims from Google, we regularly find that there are still downsides to relying on their JavaScript crawling and processing capabilities. This post tells the story of one of our earliest split tests comparing pages requiring JavaScript for the full experience against the performance of those pages when we removed the reliance on JavaScript.

Will Critchlow

5 min read

Do it Yourself SEO Split Testing Tool With Causal Impact

SearchPilot enables SEO A/B testing on large and enterprise websites. For people just starting out experimenting with SEO testing, you might want to be able to play with more basic mathematical approaches. Before we moved to a neural network model we used an approach based on a modified version of causal impact. This post introduces a free version of a DIY tool that uses the causal impact approach that you can play with yourself using your own data.

Dominic Woodman

7 min read

One Year in: SearchPilot by the Numbers

One year after SearchPilot launched, Tom Anthony dug into metrics and told stories about the growth of the platform through its first 12 months.

Tom Anthony

6 min read

Ways Recommendations Fail and How Split-Testing is Changing Consulting

It’s always bugged us that so many recommendations get shoved in a drawer and never seen again. I remember the repeated pain in the early years as we found ourselves getting surprised again and again by the clients who would commission us to create some in-depth audit, and then never make the changes we were recommending. As we spoke to friends and colleagues around the industry, we came to realise that we were far from alone in this.

Will Critchlow

7 min read

A Guide to Writing Better Business Documents

You’re not writing literature. You don’t need to build suspense in your audience. In fact, that can cause more harm than good.

Will Critchlow

5 min read

Split Testing Titles and H1s: Do They Still have an SEO Impact?

Title and H1 changes are among the most common recommendations in SEO reports, but do they make a difference? In one of the earliest public case studies from SearchPilot’s SEO A/B testing platform, Tim Allen explains the results one of his clients got from testing changes in these fundamental areas.

Tim Allen

6 min read
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