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Introducing the SEO A/B Testing Whitepaper

Posted November 21, 2019 by Tim Allen
Last updated August 7, 2023

Just over four years ago, we broke the news that we were working on the early stages of what would become SearchPilot. Back then we wanted to help clients get changes implemented faster by separating marketing / SEO-driven changes from the engineering backlog. Not only that, we wanted to help businesses understand the impact individual changes were having on SEO traffic and the bottom line.

Since then we’ve run tests on all kinds of sites across different industries and sectors, and processed millions of dollars of online revenue for some of the world’s biggest sites.

One part of our work has been to create a clear understanding of how SEO A/B testing differs from traditional CRO testing. We’ve written a number of blog posts and the likes of Will Critchlow, Emily Potter and Tom Anthony have been speaking at conferences around the world explaining how SearchPilot works and telling the stories of our wins and what we call “dodged bullets”: changes that SEO teams would have just rolled out if they’d been unable to test that turned out, under testing, to negatively impact organic traffic.

Over the last four years, SearchPilot has helped SEO teams from around the world by:

To continue spreading the word we’ve created an A/B Testing for Search Engine Optimization whitepaper to help you understand the benefits of running these tests and to share some of our findings.

Everything you need to know about SEO A/B Testing

Here are just a few things we’ll cover in this whitepaper:

  • Why do we need SEO A/B testing?
  • How does SEO A/B testing help?
  • What exactly is SEO A/B testing?
  • A year of lessons from running SEO A/B tests
  • Case studies
  • How SEO testing can help avoid marginal losses

Come and join us on our journey by grabbing your free copy below.

Download your copy of the SEO A/B testing whitepaper for free.

We also publish regular SEO A/B testing case studies to our email list - you can register to receive those here: