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A lot of our writing is based on lessons learned running SEO tests. If you're new here, you might want to read more about how SEO A/B testing works before you get started.

SEO A/B Testing Case Studies

One of the best things about working in this area is the range and depth of insights we get access to as a result of all the tests our customers are running. Even better, we get to write them up and share them with you. Dive in to read testing case studies answering questions as diverse as:

SearchPilot Blog

SearchPilot is a product built by SEOs for SEOs. The SearchPilot team is full of industry veterans and rising stars. On our blog, we write about all kinds of issues facing the SEO industry and relevant to digital marketers more generally. Some of our most popular posts include:

Industry Insights

Many of the lessons we learn from running SEO tests apply across industries and verticals, but we are also developing vertical-specific insights that apply particularly strongly for particular kinds of websites. Sometimes it's that a specific tactic works better in one industry than another, sometimes it's that an industry has common challenges that apply to many sites in that niche and are rare outside it. Whatever it might be, we are at the forefront of discovering what works for large websites in many sectors and have written up specific guides for how to approach SEO testing in these verticals:
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