Want us to speak at your next event? Here's how to get SearchPilot on your stage

Emily Potter on stage at SearchLove

The SearchPilot team has spoken at conferences around the world on all kinds of SEO subjects, most notably SEO testing. Check out:

Having originated as part of Distilled, we have also been closely involved in SearchLove - check out: Emily, Tom, Will and Craig on stage at SearchLove conferences around the world.

If you are interested in having one of our team speak at your event virtually or in-person, get in touch.

In-house training

Many of the larger and more sophisticated in-house SEO teams we know run regular learning events - either as stand-alone lunch-and-learns or as part of more structured private events. In either case, if you have a team of at least 3 in-house SEOs, our CEO, Will Critchlow will be happy to give a session on lessons learned from 100s of SEO tests.

If you’d like him to speak at your event, just use the form below.

Will said:

I’ve really enjoyed speaking to smart engaged in-house teams. I get great questions and I often get to learn new things from hearing about the tests they are running and the approaches they are using. If this sounds like you, please get in touch! Here are some of the companies I’ve presented to recently:


Book Will Critchlow to speak to your in-house team

Image credits: Mark Hakansson.

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